Website Design Service What’s New in Web Design in 2021 By Elinsys, 19th Mar 2021
What’s New in Web Design in 2021

New trends in web design are always around the corner and every few months, visual appeals change. Designers need to keep changing their designs to fit the current appeal that will offer better visual experiences to customers.

Comforting colour palettes

Bold colour schemes have always been used in visuals for attracting attention for marketing purposes. The purpose was to quickly engage visitors and prompt them to respond. This year however, the colours have tones down and instead of bolder brasher and more in your face colour schemes, soothing and comforting will be used.

Intermingling of photos and digital imagery

It was either photographs or illustrations. This year however has seen a seamless blend of both. Web designers are experiementing with creating effects with designs that include photographs and illustrations that result in amusing and quirky visuals.

Well organized web experiences

Especially for shopping sites, the recent trends show that a well organized site offer better user experiences. Many online store owners are moving towards better experiences to offer to their customers. Customers have been at home for a long time and they pay attention to how easy a website is to use, how appealing it is while navigating the products and – especially the checkout process. This year focuses on online shopping experiences that are quick and painless.

Video content

Video content was one of the engaging aspects of a web design. But many times auto-play videos annoyed visitors more than add appeal to the website. Shoppers have these days become more familiar with video integrations. Customers are now comfortable to hit the play button on websites when they wish to see the video – especialy for products on ecommerce websites.

Other design elements that have always been important and have gained greater importance are various ways in which trust is instilled like logos, product pages, portfolios, customer reviews and product rating as well as client testimonials.

Overall, the web design world will see some changes this year – majorly, visual appeal has changed and customer preferences have evolved. Until the next set of trends emerge – that’s how the world of design will work!

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