Website Design Service What’s Next in Web Design? By Elinsys, 15th Apr 2016

Web design is one field that has seen great transformation for time to time. Trends change frequently and people want to see something new and interesting every time! So, we are at such a point in time where innovation is inevitable. So, what’s new in web design? What does the future hold for web design? What are the features that will stick around and which ones are gone for good? Here is a list:

Scrolling is back!

Well, with the advent of smartphones and mobile friendly websites, scrolling lengthy pages in back! First you scroll and then you click! This logic is exactly opposite to what was used in desktops. As mobiles take over the market, this trend will definitely continue as it is easier to scroll with the finger. You can scroll really fast. There will no longer be articles that spread across many pages. One long page will be enough.

The Fold is dead

Keeping the most important content above the fold is now an old concept. It’s becoming more and more irrelevant because of the various screen sizes of various devices. Designers can now use their creativity and display beautiful images and use more space on the screen. They no longer have to worry about what content needs to be place above the fold and what can go below. It is all right there and scrollable.

Simplified websites are cool

Designs should be simple so that users can interact with them easily. Well, difficult to understand designs are truly annoying. Users do not want to waste time analyzing what to do next on your website. Your design should be intuitive and direct users with appropriate call to action and easy navigation. Simplicity fosters quick action from the user. If they can tap – tap- swipe and get all the information they need, your website is simple enough!


Earlier designs were defined in pixels. We knew exactly how many pixels we required to fit a particular image in or how many pixels should one container be. But with the advent of responsive designs and differing screen sizes, pixels are almost dead. Designers use grids and percentages for web designs.

Animation – is it really back?

In a certain way, yes some amount of animation is back! Especially in mobile apps, animation is used to convey meaning and direct users through the app. CSS animations make it easy to enhance designs without hampering the performance and speed of the app. So, its not the heavy animations that we are talking about, but the little ones that are used in apps that will stick around. Flash animations are still a definite NO!

Well, web design is one field where you can get as create and as innovative as you wish. But, you also need to take into consideration the user acceptance of these ideas. Well, for now, these are the trends that we look forward to and the ones that will stick around in the near future. The future of web design definitely looks bright!

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