Mobile App Development What’s Next In Mobile Apps Development? By Elinsys, 21st Sep 2016

With mobile phones becoming more and more affordable and accessible to all, the use of internet and mobile apps has shot up exponentially. The internet usage on these devices has seen a rise too and it is expected that by the end of 2016, there will be over 10 billion devices on the internet. This further lead to an explosion in the mobile apps development market and more and more businesses are going mobile in order to tap this customer base.

Well, technology changes are always just around the corner and mobile apps need to be in accordance to the latest trends so that they can reap the benefits of the latest and greatest technologies.

Think cross-platform AND cross-device development

It’s a known fact that Android, due to its pricing strategies will always rule the mobile market in terms of sales. iOS as a platform will always rule the high end market. Even today, applications are no longer confined to a specific platform. With the rise in hybrid apps and HTML 5 apps, there is no doubt that these cross platform techniques will work well for cross device apps requirements too.

IOT Applications

The Internet Of Things helps us control things around apps. Apple watches, Google Glass and such other ‘smart’ devices that are interacting with smart phones will definitely increase and businesses will need to monitor and interact with all these devices all at once.

Developer tools

With the demand for launching mobile apps in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of errors, there is a lot of pressure to provide developers with highly efficient developer tools. These tools help build applications in the shortest amount of time possible. Advanced software development kits with pre-built functions are the way to go.

Enterprise apps

More and more enterprises are willing to go mobile in order to manage their customer’s expectations and provide them with quick and reliable services. If most of their customers are on mobile phone, logic says that enterprise apps should be there too!

Location based services

Location-based services where your mobiles can automatically check your location and suggest the nearest store or restaurant is a great move forward in marketing. Location-based apps are rising in demand for this very reason.

Cloud services

Cloud services are very popular and shall continue to be so, as they provide users with anytime and anywhere access to their data.

Mobile security apps

As more and more apps find their way to the mobile phones, mobile apps security is of utmost importance especially with enterprise apps where data goes back and forth from their servers and datacenters. Banking apps require special security built into the app in order to protect customer data and account details.

Mobile apps are becoming more and more important and these new technology trends will ensure that they sustain in the new age world of mobility and access from anywhere, anytime more efficiently adding to the convenience of the customers.

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