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Nowadays, mobile phone is not a mere device for making phone calls. With the rapid growth of technology, various facilities such as camera, music player, web browser, T. V etc. are also increasing in mobile phone with the help of various applications.

Android is one of the widely used mobile operating software, which also comprises middleware and key applications. As an open source operating system, Android application offers numerous possibilities for users. Android makes developers able to make unique and user friendly applications in the industry of mobile applications. Most of the developers now prefer Android platform due to its extensive ability, many functions and larger developer community in Android application market. The android application development services are spread over several different fields such as education community, health sector, real estate industry, facebook games and lots of entertainment and much more. Some of the important android applications development are the following.

  • Health and Medical App
  • Fashion App
  • News App
  • Business App
  • Travel App
  • Learning App
  • Music App
  • Fitness App
  • Education App

The main advantage of android is that it can be frequently updated with the changes in the mobile industry. Besides, any mobile application development company can increase their capability by building some unique applications with the help of android. It is sure that android provides highly precise, interactive and easy to use as well as cost effective apps that can enhance user experience. From the moment it was introduced to the market, has been the subject of many feature updates and all of them perform better than the previous version. Thus, android allows many possibilities for any mobile application development company to implement new features in to their applications.

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