Open Source Development Why Open Source Web Development Is A Cost Effective Way To Create Engaging Websites? By Elinsys, 30th Jul 2013

The original source code can also be modified at zero cost. Open source development makes it possible to deliver thriving web development solutions including CMS, CRM, eCommerce solutions and MySQL development at a reduced cost. All open source web development solutions provide a plethora of advantages to their users. These solutions make it possible for developers to deliver attractive and robust websites at economical rate.

Following are the advantages that users can avail of by open source web development:

  • Cost cutting in software: Open source solutions do not need you to pay any licensing fees and so this eliminates the need for paying any maintenance fees.
  • Reduced costs of hardware: Using compact and portable open source solutions, developers can bring down the need for any extra hardware to complete the tasks usually performed on traditional servers.
  • Easy management of license: When it comes to open source, buying software once means you have bought it for good. Once purchased the software can be installed number of times and in as many locations as you desire. You need not even count or track these numbers. All this eliminates the need for monitoring license compliance.
  • Enhanced customization: With open source technology, it is possible for developers to go for customization at a deeper level. Customization can be done from every aspect ranging from templates for high end CMS and CRM solutions. When clients use tailor made open source solutions, users can avoid problems related to lack of documentation, training hassles, and deficiency of product support.
  • Consistent Support: Open source is for free but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t provide its support to any users. Support is available for users via the online community. The expert community of developers works round the clock to introduce innovations and update the concepts so that they meet the latest industry standards.

There are a number of open source applications at the disposal of developers. Some of them are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Oscommerce and Magento. These open source tools are effective and involve low budget due to their open source nature. They can be used to create high-end web sites. Every open source platform has unique features and is used differently. Each open source technology serves the different needs of users.

To avail of open source development services, you can hire a reputed IT development company which has both expertise and experience of working with open source technologies. Hiring an expert company ensures that you get superior results for your web development projects. The company which you hire should have hired a team of experienced open source developers who have profound knowledge about latest development trends and technical advancements related to open source technologies.

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