Website Design Service Why You Should Use Responsive Web Design ? By Elinsys, 29th May 2013

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Use Responsive Web Design

The ever-changing technology is bringing in new ways to communicate with the world. Among the various ways, mobile is the most paramount means for all most every human being on this earth to connect with the each other. Today, the world is greatly demanding mobile phones and it has become the inevitable part of our life. Moreover, with internet and mobile users increasing day by day, it has been noticed that mobile web browsing has outrun the traditional PC browsing just with 2 to 3 years. Even, some studies state that, in coming days 90% of the transactions will be carried out through mCommerce.

Looking at this, for entrepreneurs and marketers, it seems a tricky endeavor as it involves great complexity as well as huge cost. But, the thing is to decide when to start and which approach you need to seek that is less complicated and requires low budget?

When to start with this totally depends on you according to your present business status but when looking at the approach, the great idea is or what we say that the ultimate option to choose is the Responsive Web Design Services.

Let us explore the top 3 reasons that explain why you should opt for Responsive design according to the contemporary web design requirements.

Best Usability for Diverse Devices

With responsive design, no matter what the device is used, you can easily access, read and navigate through the website. The layout of your web page fits exactly according to the screen size of your device. Navigation collapses out of your way when on smaller formats and expands accordingly when much larger space is provided. Images resize and font sizes adjust according to the device.

Responsive Design – Good for SEO

Instead of making a separate mobile site, responsive web design helps to redirect your website from World Wide Web to the mobile site as all the content is served from the same place. It is widely stated that Google recommends webmasters to follow the industry standard of using responsive web design, means serving the same HTML and CSS media queries to decide the functionality of the each device. This implies that if Google is recommending it, then it is better for Search Engine Optimization. Additionally, it offers backlinks for one respective page such that your page will have good authority.

Ahead of Competition

With responsive design, you can be ahead of your competitors. As it is still in the incubation period, you can take the best advantage of it with less competition. Redesigning your website that adapts optimally in all devices, would surely help you to set a milestone with good business growth.

The benefits of responsive design are not limited to the above said. While applying it, your developer can explain you what more you gain through by adopting a responsive web design approach for your website. So, if you are planning for creating or redesigning your website to make your global presence stronger, the best idea is to opt responsive design. It is a real marvel that will help your business reach a wider audience around the world.

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