Wordpress Development WordPress Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2017 By Elinsys, 14th Feb 2017

With every passing year, WordPress seems to be getting better and better with a number of incredible features being added. Hamburger menus, one page themes, innovative plug-ins and features all add up to make WordPress one of the most powerful content management systems available today.

Here are the latest trends that will impact WordPress Development in 2017:

Genuine design

In the web space, the competition is fierce and each website fights to look unique. Driven by this trend, WordPress has consistently made way for creative customizations and other elements that can be tailored as per business requirements. JS, HTML5 and CSS provide an excellent way to create unique web pages.

Single page appearance

Businesses of today prefer very less clutter on their websites. WordPress developers hence prefer single page websites and this trend seems to continue in 2017 too. One page designs are known to be simple and attract user attention as they are not overwhelmed by the sudden information thrown at them.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a way to move the foreground faster than the background that creates an illusion of a 3D effect. It creates a kind of ‘depth’ in the page.

WordPress Themes

The main reason that websites took a long time to hit the internet is that the theme concept and development took all the time. Well, ready to use WordPress themes will be more and more popular and theme customization will continue to grow in the future too.

Drag and drop content

Drag and drop widgets are making their presence felt, so side bar menus will essentially be out where customization is concerned. You can have full control over the content by simply creating a plug in.

Video headers

WordPress has introduced new themes with video headers and this trend in web design seems to be getting very popular. Plan sliding banners no longer create that kind of an impact.

The SaaS plugins

For quite some time now, WordPress plugins have been developed as SaaS (Software as a Service). This could be a trend that is catching on, but in terms of keeping WordPress open source and the plug-ins more affordable, this could be a big blow.

Typography trends

The competition is every increasing and web publishers are demanding more effective textual representation of their work.

Mobile compatible

As long as mobile rule the market, this is a trend that will always be ‘in’. Smartphones have become the primary point of contact to the internet and mobile optimized websites – including WordPress themes are becoming more and more of a mandate.


With the increasing demand of ecommerce websites and mobile commerce applications, the demand for Woocommerce has definitely increased. Most ecommerce applications require a very stable and robust content management system as their products need to be updated more frequently than any other website such as blogs etc.

Content management systems like WordPress will always be in huge demand provided they give their users the kind of flexibility, scalability and the right features for businesses to grow and flourish.

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