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Main aim of search engine process is how to increase traffic on your website. Whenever any people write any keyword in a search engine and press enter he/she gets list of information regarding keyword. Every user stands to visit the particular website which is having higher ranking.

SEO may shows different kind of altruistic search, including routine search, visual search, image search, news search etc… And ranked .for higher ranking you should create an extremely innovative site which presents your business without any bumping question. For that you need attention on title of website (provide small but meaningful title), also careful in keyword or content of website. In HTMLtag displays the title of your web page and every code is written between”<> “symbol, title tag is inserted into the header part of page not in body section.

Every HTML page contains only onein head section. The title of your master page can display the name of your business with other important information like goals of your business, location with extraordinary services provided by business.

When users enter any terms in search engines, search engines identify website contents with help of keywords. Search engine not just analyze which keyword you use but also analyze where you use, so think on them then start write or need to research on the keyword that are closely related with the topic. And make sure that the content is interested and provide valuable information to the readers. Remember! For more SEO – friendly content put the keyword at beginning of sentence and avoid over use of keywords just try to put keyword in the few starting paragraphs.

Also you must take care of content of the website “Content is a king of website for getting traffic on website”. Unique and fresh content plays main role in your website whenever you are trying to write content make sure abut prominence, Proximity and density of keywords.

Remember! Your website content is mirror of your business. Content is most important part for your website as you are providing information about your product and services in the content.

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