Search Engine Marketing You Need a SEM Plan! Here are a Few Things to Consider By Elinsys, 11th Mar 2016

Next time you search for something on Google, check out the results. On the left hand side, you see the links to the websites that were returned organically. On the right hand side there is a column that has links to the paid ads that were targeted for the same keywords. Both of them are essential for your website. The ads on the right are pay per click or PPC ads. They are a great way to instantly drive traffic to your website.

So, how exactly should you plan for a search marketing campaign? What are the things you should consider to begin with? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Firstly find out who are your target audience. Find out the category of people you would want on your website. If your website is meant for fashion apparel, understand the age groups you are targeting. If you are a local dentist, you cannot expect a client from global geographical locations. So, begin with your target audience.
  • Set goals for yourself. Understand how to target your marketing efforts to achieve them.
  • Use the right tools. Understand all the tools at your disposal. Google Analytics is a good place to start.
  • Check out the keyword analysis tools. Make sure that you select keywords that are most relevant to your website.
  • Check the competition for those keywords.
  • Prepare ad copies. Make sure that you check out your competition and have a fair idea of how their Google Ads look. If you have to rank one after the other for the same keywords, make sure that your Ad copy looks more attractive then theirs!
  • The ads are very short and have very little scope for flowery language! Here’s where your content skills matter the most! Ensure that you convey your message to the audience within that scope and include the relevant keywords too!
  • Mae sure that you select the desired audience carefully. The ads will be displayed and your statistics will show you the number of impressions of the ad shown versus how many times visitors actually clicked on your ad and visited your website.
  • Only placing ads does not make any difference. The Click through Rates (CTR) are very important. It shows the number of times your ad got clicked and the visitor landed on your website.
  • Finally, understand the payment models. Some ads have a pay per impression model and some have a pay per click model. Select the appropriate model and budget your search engine marketing campaign accordingly.

Over 70% of your website visitors land on your website via search results. So, make sure that your search marketing campaigns are carefully planned and executed. Right from selecting the right keywords, to creating excellent ad copies and selecting the right audience – every step is important and requires strategic thinking on the part of your digital marketing team. Ensure that you get it right to see long term benefits! If you want to make your own PPC campaign, then contact

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