Restaurant Mobile Apps Development

The restaurant mobile app enables customers to either book their lunch/dinner reservations at their favourite restaurants or order food from that nearby restaurant – within a few minutes! It a simple and cool way for restaurants to cater to the needs of their existing customers as well as attract new customers!

The Client

The restaurant mobile app is a very convenient solution for eating joints, diners and classic restaurants to reach out to their customers, display their menus and specials for the day and at the same time interact with their existing customers. The app is available for Android as well as for iOS.

Project Brief

The restaurant mobile app is especially built for customers who simply love the convenience of making reservations before they arrive at a restaurant. It also displays the menu so that customers know what’s on the specials and what is being served at the restaurant. It’s simply very easy to get orders delivered from their favorite restaurants too.

The Problem

Restaurants are highly local businesses and in order to increase their customer base, there are very
limited options and avenues. Client wanted to explore digital options for growing the customer base.

The Solution
An end-to-end single source solution

Restaurant mobile application was a very apt solution for a local restaurant and it offered to increase revenues by offering a digital channel to reach out to customers. Customers could order food, make reservations as well as avail various options to reach their favourite restaurants.

Order in or take out!
Restaurant Mobile App adds convenience to all!
Restaurant App

Simply good food no longer suffices to entice today’s modern customers! Delight them with the convenience of digital experiences. The Restaurant app offers just the right features for local restaurants to grow and tap a whole new customer base.

App Features
  • – Allows customers with easy access to their favorite restaurants.
  • – Provides them with a great way to make lunch or dinner reservations.
  • – Placing orders is a great feature.
  • – The app also provides users with directions to the restaurant.
  • – The app is available for both the Android and iOS platforms.
Food ordering, take outs and more!
Order food from the convenience of your couch!
The Results

The restaurant app enables regular customers who love fine dining experiences with added convenience of booking reservations in advance. The restaurant also makes possible new food delivery orders that came in from far and wide – from those who prefer the convenience of getting good food at their doorstep. Takeouts also will see an increase in numbers. Well, the app delivered what it was supposed to.

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