Open Source Development Business Benefits of Open Source Web Development By Elinsys, 12th Feb 2015

Open Source Web Development has gained a lot of traction in the past few decades. It is not a wonder that majority of the websites on the internet are powered by open source technologies. Open Source technologies could be core development languages like PHP and some products built with these languages called frameworks to aid developers. Well to aid both developers and businesses in easily managing the content on their websites, Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento were developed.

Here are the main benefits of open source web development over proprietary software:


Businesses both large and small implement changes in their systems until something more efficient is discovered. Thus they need a stable environment to operate on. Open source software provides the most apt stability to these businesses that is most essential. Commercial proprietary software need to keep up with the market and release new versions and enforce the upgrade. With open source users are free to use the software as they please and can modify it as per their requirements.


Commercial software vendors claim the quality of their products and the security that they provide. Users have to rely on these claims. With open source, you have the source code available and you can modify the quality and security as per your business requirements anytime. You can use your technical expertise and creativity to create a robust product for your organization.


Open source software has a zero purchase value. It also offers free upgrades and makes the code available for those enthusiasts who wish to modify the code. Open source software also has lower security risks and reduces administration load.

Flexibility and Freedom

Open source code offers developers with the flexibility to develop software and change the source code as per business requirements of various codes. There is no vendor lock in and developers can freely use the products in any fashion they wish to. There will be no one questioning as to why you used the software in a particular way and there will be no licensing issues.

It’s not a wonder that open source software are gaining more and more popularity in terms of implementations over the world wide web. The last decade also saw a large number of open source developers being hired to create websites and web wonders that support the functioning of large enterprises and organizations that dive profits in billions. One striking example of PHP open source development is Facebook. It is today’s largest social networking website and is built in open source. More and more businesses are turning towards this technology to build their online presence in a flexible and more dynamic way.

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