Hire Dedicated Developer Finding The Best Magento Developer By Elinsys, 16th Sep 2019

As ecommerce continues to skyrocket, the demand for Magento developers is on the rise too. There are plenty of resources where you can look for developers, but how do you know which is best? Where would you look for a Magento developer? Further, would your project require a freelance developer or a Magento development company?

Here are a few places to look for while you find a Magento developer

The www is a good source of information

One of the quickest way to hire a Magento developer is to search the web. You can use the localization option to select the ones that are in your vicinity. If you plan on offshoring development, you can filter your searches accordingly.

Web Portals

Many of the best Magento developers are registered on the web portals that offer them with development projects. You can register your business there and hire developers or Magento development companies from these portals. The good part is that you can filter developers or development agencies according to the star rating they have on the portal. This will enable you to find the best among the lot.

Social media

Social media has become a very handy resource. Almost every development company or developer have their profiles and are active on social media. Connecting with them on these platforms could give you insights into their previous work and what their existing or past customers are saying about them.

Magento forums

Join and be active on Magento forums. Magento experts from all around the world actively participate in these forums. They post over a thousand posts every year. You can find real talent there.

Magento certified developer program

In order to aid the Magento community, a number of programs and certifications are conducted. Support team could help you with the contact details of some of the talented Magento developers. Similar to the certification program, you can also explore the Magento Solution Partner Program to connect with some of the best Magento talent.

After you have shortlisted a few magento developers you can guage their capabilities by checking their previous work, the type of projects they can handle and the complexity of web apps they can build. Check their previous clients. This will give you insights into which kind of industries they are comfortable creating stores for. Finally check their client testimonials and reviews – you will find a gold mine of information there!

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