Hire Magento Developer How to Hire Magento Developers By Elinsys, 07th Nov 2016

It is a known fact that among all the ecommerce software, Magento software provides good user engagement, gives smooth navigation through websites, increases conversation rate, and through it all helps in revenue generation. This makes Magento a desirable software for e-commerce portals and Magento developers are more and more in demand. Irrespective of whether you have a website up and running or are planning a website you would want to hire Magento Developers to speed up your build up time and increase productivity.

Magento has different editions that provide you with different features to suit your diverse business requirements. Your choice of developer depends on the work you need done. When you need to develop core files or extend the functionality of modules, your task is simpler. However, when you require more functionality and features you look for greater technical expertise and knowledge. There are editions that need no software installation. These are very useful for small businesses.

You can hire Magento developers both on full time and part time basis. The project you undertake dictates the type you need to hire. For a long term project a full time hire would be more suitable and for small tweaks and changes you can go for part time weekly, monthly or hourly hires.

Consider the developers’ portfolio and work experience before the hire. It gives you an accurate idea of what you can expect from your candidate. This search is particularly important when you hire freelancers for your work.

Get in touch with past clients to get a better understanding of how your developer works the developers’ ability to understand and deliver projects on time and their ability to communicate and interact with teams.

Make sure your hires have sound technical knowledge for the job at hand. Your work suffers in case your hire needs to learn the technicalities while on the job. Your hire needs to be a good problem solver too. Glitches and hitches are bound to come up as the work progresses and your hire needs to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

As an open source platform, your Magento developer will need to be adaptable and flexible in attitude. Look for these qualities in your hire. Your hire also needs to have good communication channels open so that you can work smoothly and seamlessly in completing your project. Your developer needs to have technical support and back up for implementation of work.

Competitive rates are available in the market. Do your market research well and find hires that fit the bill for you. However, zeroing in on the most cost friendly hire could be a mistake. Make your choice based on all criteria along with the cost factor. While developers working for companies come at a higher cost, they also have more support and expertise to fall back on. For your major jobs they are better choices. For a small project you could consider freelance developers. Hire Magento Developers with care and you ensure success and profitability.

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