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Bukpic is a new marketplace to buy wholesale men’s shoes of the latest designs and fresh looks. It’s a shoe lover’s paradise where you can get the trendiest shoes. Bukpic adds at least 30-50 new designs to their stock on a daily basis.

The Client

Customer requested an ecommerce app that could be used to sell a wide variety of shoes of various designs and trends. Various types of shoes from various vendors aggregated into one online platform gave shoppers ample opportunities and choices to select choose from.

Project Brief

Due to the ecommerce nature of the mobile application, Magento was used for development. The application was built to be used on both – the Apple as well as Android platform. Website payment integration and mobile application with live payments was the highlight of the design of the entire app. Overall, the app should contain all the necessary features for running a successful mobile. commerce store!

The Problem

Shoe shopping is quite a process. Footwear from different designers, with alluring looks and comfortable fittings requires people to visit various stores, try out shoes and make a choice. BukPik brings shoes from all the known designers in your city on one platform. Users can browse through a number of brands and designs and select the shoes they wish to purchase. Users can instantly make a purchase via the site too.

The Solution
An end-to-end single source solution

Taking into consideration all the requirements, an ecommerce marketplace needed to be developed where a number of shoe stores and brands could register and upload their products. The designs from all of these stores were to be made available for users according to the city they are located in. The Magento site also needed to have an integrated checkout process and some quick shopping

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BukPik is an online marketplace for shoes of all kinds!
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It’s a marketplace for those who love to pick and choose the perfect pair of shoes after checking out designs from a number of brands.

App Features
  • – Due to the ecommerce nature of this website, Magento was used for development.
  • – Ability for the business to add products from a number of shoe stores / designers
  • – City wise segregation of products and shoe stores
  • – Ability for users to select the city and the store from which they want to purchase.
  • – Payment gateway integration to enable easy payment for customers.
  • – Apple and Android mobile application was developed with live payment option.
  • – Application submission to your Apple and Android account.
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The Results

The Magento Ecommerce Store was developed with all the necessary features. Products could be
added, removed and edited as needed. The shoe stores saw a new ‘online’ market for their existing
designs. This kept the products moving quicker and customers found it very convenient to get their
favourite pair of shoes delivered to their door step.
The entire development and launch was completed within _months.

Feel free to check the product live here:

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