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Finding a baby sitter is not a challenge any more. The Doobi App makes this easier than ever before. Looking for a baby sitter within a few taps and swipes is now possible in Israel.

The Client doobi

With the Doobi app, users can start their search for a baby sitter by specifying the date and time for babysitting. The babysitters who are interested will be alerted and the app selects the top three babysitters for you. You can scan each profile and check the ratings that are assigned by other parents. Choosing a babysitter and booking one was never so easy!

Project Brief

The Doobi App enables users to search for and book a babysitter quickly, easily and conveniently. It is a perfect platform for those who regularly use hired help while they are out at work or on other engagements. Built for both iPhone and Android, this app built to help to book a babysitter conveniently and effortlessly.

The Problem

Finding a babysitter was never easy. Many times it so happens that people require a babysitter on short notice and it’s very difficult to find one. There is no single place where you can get all the information of the babysitters in your area at one place and there was no easy way to contact them or hire them.

The Solution
An end-to-end single source solution

The Doobi App allows you to instantly hire babysitters. Users need to register to the app. The app has all the babysitters registered with them too. Users can check out the complete profile of the babysitter and their experience in babysitting and then select one. The app allows you to make payments online too – all within a few taps and swipes on the screen.

Make last minute arrangements
Hire babysitter on Doobi
Looking for a babysitter?

Last minute arrangements could be difficult! Finding a babysitter is made easy with the Doobi App.

App Features
  • – Features to search for available babysitters in the vicinity.
  • – The babysitters that are available automatically get a notification.
  • – Available babysitters express their interest.
  • – The Doobi app recommends the top three sitters.
  • – Select and book one!
Hire Babysitters Instantly
Quick, convenient and worry free!
The Results

The Doobi App offered great convenience to the users. Users got an entire database of babysitters in their area who were available. Once the users placed their requirements, the app also sent out notifications to the babysitters available in the area. The app also sorted out the top three who match the requirements. Users were able to quickly and easily hire babysitters as per their convenience.

The entire app was developed within a short span of (4) months.

Feel free to check the product live here:

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