A paradise for music lovers!

Flotrak is one place where you can connect to the world of music and create your tracks or share music with your friends and family. Your favourite track could go viral within no time! You can even draw inspiration from the tracks that your friends share here!

The Client flotrak logo

Client requested for an iPhone app that could bring together music lovers and make it easy for them to share tracks, create new flo’s and make their favourite music even more popular. It connects likeminded music fans and music creators on one common platform. Users should be able to create high quality 30 second, 60 second or 90 second flo’s from the app.

Project Brief

The application was designed to work on iOS and was packed with rich social media like features. It covered all the major features that such type of app is expected to have. It allowed users to create new flo’s, upload their favourite tracks and share it with their friends. It allows you to instantly share your flo’s on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also share thoughts and latest music trends with YouTube and SoundCloud artwork.

The Problem

Music lovers needed a platform where they could create lists of their favourite tracks, share their work with friends and also share their thoughts on the latest music trends on known platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud.

The Solution
An end-to-end single source solution

Flotrak is an app for music lovers where they can create their profiles, create flo’s and lists of their favourite tracks. They could share these tracks with friends and on other platforms too.

Get Creative, Get Inspired! A place where music lovers can inspire and get inspired by connecting to a whole new world built especially for music!
Flotrak App

Create your flo’s and upload your favourite tracks. Share your music with the world!

App Features
  • – The mobile app covered all the features required by a music sharing app.
  • Social Media integration for instant sharing.
  • Social features for connecting with likeminded music lovers.
  • Built especially for the iOS platform.
  • A place where music lovers can inspire and get inspired by connecting to a whole new world built especially for music!





Share your favourite music with the world!
Create your flo’s on FloTrak
The Results

The FloTrak app served as a platform for music lovers where they could inspire an get inspired by the creativity of others. They could create their own flo’s and see what others were listening to. Users could share their favourite music with the world.

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