Grab AR

Grab AR brings the two most powerful technologies – Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to the world of creativity – photography. With Grab AR, users can click and capture an object of interest and eliminate the background while saving the image as a transparent PNG. This object can then be placed in another background. Users can also save the image with a new real time background. If you want to create an Image from several different AR images and any existing photos using layers, this can also be done with the included GRAB AR STUDIO.

The Client

Grab AR is for those with the talent to capture amazing shots and images and create an amazing composition of their photographic work. It introduces photography into a whole new era of AR (Augmented Reality) with background removal capabilities. Developed in Python with React Native for the interface, this app has a solid technology to support all the creative features.

Project Brief

Python and React Native was used to develop the mobile application. Python known for its extensive libraries and given the tools at a developer’s disposal, Python development was a solid backbone for this app. React Native was a clear choice for creating an interface that could accommodate all the features and simplify the look of the app.

The Problem

Traditionally, photography could not capture a single object – without the background. The photo needed to be taken to another app to be edited. There needed to be a solution for photography lovers to grab an object and place it in a different background.

The Solution
An end-to-end single source solution

Grab AR enabled photography lovers to explore their creative talents and allowed them to make creative compositions from their captures. The image could be saved as a transparent png too. Pictures could be made from several different AR images.

For photography lovers
And for creative minds
Grab AR

Grab AR brings the two most powerful technologies - Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to the world of creativity – photography.

App Features
  • – The AR based app had easy to use UI/UX
  • Smooth controls and easy navigation for a great AR and AI experience
  • Ability to save images without background
  • HD photo camera results for capturing real objects
  • Ability to erase background of the image
  • Precise AI camera scanning to detect and capture objects in real time
  • Ability to save the images with transparent background as pngs
  • Ability to save the images with a new real time background
  • Integrated with a GRAB AR STUDIO for extra fun and creativity
Capture your favorite shots!
Create and edit as you please!
The Results

The app was able to capture the features for capturing objects, eliminating the background and also had the ability to place the object creatively in another background.

Feel free to check the product live here:

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