Real People

Real People believe that each individual has some unique talent and they help this talent be found easily and help people succeed and grow.

The Client

Client required a website developed with the ability to accommodate the database of talented individuals with member login that had two parts – talent sign up and Client sign up. Core PHP development was selected for this purpose and all the necessary features that was required were added with the ability refresh content with the addition of every new talent or client.

Elinsys’s team of PHP developers created a very professional website that included all the apt features for adding new talent and creating client sign up too. A robust database backend was used for maintaining the talent records and ensuring performance at maximum load too. Their online database consists of the best, brightest and the most dynamic individuals from all walks of life including a diverse ethnic background and nationality.

The Problem

There are a number of talented people looking for roles in television commercials, catalogues and fashion parades. It was never easy finding the right talent with the right age, shapes, sizes and ethnics.

The Solution
An end-to-end single source solution

An online database was created for the most dynamic individuals from all walks of life. The website included all the features to add new talent. Each new talent could create their profile there and ensure that they could place their best foot forward to get hired for roles in television commercials, catalogues and fashion parades.

Creating Opportunities!
All Talent At One Place
Real People

Real People is a place where each individual with a unique talent can help being found and get hired for commercials, Television and other opportunities.

App Features
  • – Core PHP was selected for development to accommodate all the necessary features for the site.
  • – The site was designed to provide a great online experience to members.
  • – Easy navigation and highly engaging features
  • – Robust backend and great performance.
Get the right opportunity
Got talent? Create your profile on Real People!
The Results

With real people, real talent could be located and hired for the right kind of job. People could hire from a huge database of talented people. The bridge between the talent and the opportunity was effectively bridged.

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