Trends & Technology An Overview of the VRARA’s VR/AR Global Summit on XR Technology By Elinsys, 06th Oct 2020

The VR/AR Global Summit was held last week. The first such event had taken place in June and attracted over 10000 registrants. The second summit attracted thousands of XR technology enthusiasts. This three day event featured 150 talks and sessions given by hundreds of technology experts. Here are a few trending themes and major announcements from the event.

VR/AR Global Summit News and Announcements

XR technology manufacturers usually make use of these summits to make announcements and product launches. This summit included announcements from HP, Felix & Paul Studios and Lenovo Think Reality.

HP Announces Reverb G2 Omnicept

HP announced the HP Reverb G2 headset. In the Autumn Summit it also announced the Omnicept which is a comprehensive solution consisting of an upgraded edition of Reverb G2 – an AI enabled platform for interpreting sense information on the user. It introduced the ability to perform foveat rendering and monitor gaze and pupil size, heart rate and facial expressions. IT allows developers to get the most out of tools involved.

Felix & Paul Studios

Felix & Paul Studios is an award winning immersive production studio. The talk included discussions on their ongoing project Space Explorers and Storyteller. This is a six part series created with NASA and creates a seamless experience once the app is running. It has sophisticated features and hand tracking along with gesture controls.


Lenovo had interesting announcements to make regarding ‘fireside chat’ and there’s more to come in terms of partnerships and even hardware that people should look out for.

Major Trends

A number of trends have emerged as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdown.

XR Technology in the times of crisis

The XR technology has impacted the coronavirus and the lockdown. Governments are realizing where the holes in the network are.

Remote Collaboration and Education

Remote collaboration is one of the major uses of XR technologies and the pandemic made it more apparent. Advanced technologies enable advanced education too.

Facebook did not have any announcements of their own, but the Oculus owners did get some exciting news too.

It’s an exciting time in the world of technology. VR and AR are poised to take over the world and create a new normal after the pandemic is over and the world has unlocked!

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