App Store What is App Store Optimization and What are the Benefits By Elinsys, 30th Apr 2021

What is ASO?

So, you build an awesome mobile application or a game. It’s up to you to also ensure that it is found by people on the app store. Simply leaving it there will not bring people to download and love it. That’s why ASO (App Store Optimization) is important. According to the definition: “ASO is the process of optimizing a game or application in order to maximize its visibility in the stores to increase traffic to listing and improve conversion rate to generate the maximum volume of organic downloads.

ASO = Traffic + Conversion.

The entire process requires critical understanding of how the stores work and the understanding of the most common keywords that are used for searching your kind of app.

Benefits of ASO

ASO is crucial for your app to get more organic downloads and enable you to spend less money on paid downloads.

ASO enables your app to be more easily accessible because more easily findable and discoverable.

Mechanics of ASO

So, how does ASO work? What can you do to optimize your app for the app stores.

In general, App Store Optimization (ASO) = on-metadata + off-metadata

So What are the On-Metadata Factors?

On-metadata factors are those elements of the product page or listing that can be modified within App Store Connect or Google Play Console. They help improve app store keywords rankings, explore visibility and conversion rate to download, one of the most crucial KPIs. Some elements are URL / Package, Developer name (only Google Play), App Name / Title, description, short description, subtitle, promo text and keywords field (only Apple), category, icon, screenshots and video.

Off-metadata factors are similar to off-page factors, Off-metadata factors are those external factors that are not under the control of the developer like volume and speed of installs, ratings + reviews and, maybe, user engagement etc.

App Store Optimization Done Right!

Let’s take a look at the process of your ASO marketing strategy:

  • Picking the right keywords is crucial for app store search success.
  • You should target those with high relevance (related to your business)
  • Target those with high traffic and low difficulty or competition.
  • Keyword strategies are different for each app.

About all, you need to track all the KPIs like competitors, keywords, top charts, similar apps by visibility, conversion rate to install, revenue from organic installs and changes in listings.

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