Trends & Technology Artificial Intelligence Implementations in Web Development By Elinsys, 23rd Jul 2020

One of the quickest evolving branches in computer science is AI (Artificial Intelligence). It focuses on the development of algorithms which are able to simulate human thinking. Even though its implementations were very few in the past, today, it has been widely implemented in diverse areas. AI learns – once data is fed into it, it becomes more accurate by learning from the past. It is perfect for automating tasks. AI’s capability of processing large amounts of information has made it very popular in web development.

Here’s how it is used in web development

Speeds up searches

When you type something in a search box, the backend analyses it and returns the most relevant results. Even companies like Google implement this with AI based algorithms which serve to create the most optimal list from a number of different possibilities. With machine learning, the algorithm improves eventually after a number of searches. Autocomplete predictions also are filtered by AI.

Customer experience

When your website offers a service/product to the customer, AI is an irreplaceable addition. AI could be an ‘assistant’ to help customers 24/7. Instead of waiting for customer service, pre-recorded scenarios and different implemented solutions could help 90% of the problems without human interactions. Product recommendations according to the customer’s previous purchases are all done by AI. It is a tried and tested way to gain insights into customers and their purchase patterns.

Digital Marketing

Marketing relies on data analysis. AI is a good fit for marketing purposes. With AI all the manual work of marketing is automated and gets accurate predictions for future trends too.

Website interaction

Besides data, AI helps in boosting the functionality and appearance of your website. By learing and understanding design principles through computer vision, unique AI implementations can even plan out a complete layout for you. It can analyse the appropriate spot for search, for a customer interactive button and certain other features.

Personalize experiences

Personalizing experiences makes users feel like your business cares. AI helps you manage customers and their preferences and base your website and emails and recommendations based on these.

AI in web development ensures that your business has an interactive, personalized interaction with your regular and potential customers.

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