Google Update ‘Buy on Google’ is Commission free By Elinsys, 25th Jul 2020

With many brick and mortar retailers being closed down due to the coronavirus crisis, Google, in April 2020 had announced that it will bring free listings for its shopping results. For merchants it meant product exposure to millions of customers that visit Google every day and for shoppers it means that they get to choose between a number of products directly via Google search results pages. Now, Google has also announced that there will be a Google Shopping tab in its search results to free product listings. This year’s second big ecommerce effort on Google’s part also includes a commission free access to but on Google which is its native checkout from product listings. Further, it also integrates with third parties to make it easier for merchants to streamline order management and payments.

Google is making Google Shopping and Buy on Google checkout free for retailers and more accessible for shoppers. Other marketplaces –like Amazon charges fees typically ranging from 8-15 % per item sold. More sellers and easier checkout will make product search easy for users and integration with third parties including Shopify and Paypal will be attractive to sellers – they have more control over their order management.

Items available on Buy on Google are indicated with a shopping cart icon. The items available through the program are also covered by Google’s guarantee for a refund if something goes wrong with an order.

Google also said that there has been a rise in demand to buy from small businesses. In addition to this, Google will also integrate with third parties such as Shopify and Paypal. When users opt to buy from Google, they can choose Shopify or Paypal payment options. This also means that for merchants inventory can flow directly through Shopify. Well, if a merchant wants to sell directly on Google, they can get started even faster and continue using tools and services that are readily available for businesses.

Google also announced that this feature will roll out in the U.S. first and will be available for the international markets in the year 2021.

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