Google Update Career Certificate Program Announced by Google for High Demand Fields By Elinsys, 26th Aug 2020

With an aim to offer a way for people to fast track their career, Google announced the launch of new certificates for digital jobs in high-demand fields. Google Career Certificates will be a six month course and the programs initially being offered are Data Analyst, Project Manager and UX Designer. These certificates will hold the same weight as a four year degree in a related field says Kent Walker – SVP of Global Affairs. Google will hold these certificates as equivalents of the four year degrees – while they hire people too. Candidates with these certificates need not have a college degree too. The ultimate goal is to help Americans learn digital job skills so they can get back to work now – rather than four years from now.

Google Career Certificates

Regardless of previous job experience or education level, Google’s career certificates are available for all citizens of the U.S. The courses are developed by Google and are hosted on Coursera. They can be done online at one’s own pace. The cost of the course is a monthly $49 and the good news is that there are Grants and scholarships available too. This fee includes access to resources that can assist with job search and interview preparation. Total cost of each course will vary according to how long it takes for the individual to complete it. Google estimates that an individual will take six months to complete the course. The course could take less time to complete too – depending on how much work the student puts into it.

What Next?

It is not yet known when Google will start offering these courses. For now, we know that they are  – ‘coming soon’.

Google first announced the programs back in July with the idea of getting America back to work. Google now allows users to sign up and they will receive a notification via email when the courses actually launch. Google says that it will treat these courses equivalent to the four year degrees, but what about the other employers – that’s yet to be seen. These courses will definitely be a good start for those looking at getting into the job market soon. Earning the certificate is an important first step. 

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