Android-iOS Daily Essentials Delivery App – how will it transform businesses in the new normal? By Elinsys, 18th Jun 2020

Since the lockdown, people found it difficult to get hold of even the basic – daily supplies. Many grocery delivery startups have begun to offer services that makes the guidelines of a lockdown easier to abide by. Contactless – or minimum contact, groceries and other essential items need to be delivered to users – especially when users cannot get to stores to pick them. BigBasket, Grofers etc. have picked up the slack and have done their bit to offer services to people who need essential supplies.

On demand mobile apps – in the making

Other essential products providers too have dived in to create platforms for their customers to buy their products online. While most businesses were struggling to survive the tide, on demand mobile apps for daily essentials delivery have increased in demand and made things easy for local businesses to easily get their store and products online – via a mobile app. Customers can quickly place their orders and get their essentials delivered at their doorstep. The restrictions in movement have actually enabled businesses to develop new ways to smoothen the process of delivering the essentials to their customers.

The daily essentials category has grown rapidly within the online grocery market and today, accounts for 40% of all the transactions. Customers are preferring online means of ordering their daily requirements and along with that, they prefer the convenience they get along with price savings and cashbacks with mobile app offers and discounts.

The pandemic might have disrupted businesses – but not for long. Even in the face of adversity, businesses found a way around it – to continue their services and sell their products to their regular customers and to an extent, on-demand apps have played a major role in this business continuity plans.

What’s next?

Even after this wave is over, even after the pandemic is over, businesses and customers will most likely prefer the newly established way of operation. It’s simply more convenient for both, businesses as well as customers. Ordering online and delivering products saves both time and money for both!

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