Tech Update Facebook Launches Accelerator Programs for Startups By Elinsys, 05th Aug 2020

Facebook’s focus has always been connecting people to build communities. Facebook announced the launch of a 12 week accelerator program for startups on Monday. Facebook is committed to the startup ecosystem, and believes that by connecting, training and growing entrepreneurs and startups, it can empower people to solve relevant and meaningful problems. Facebook has been running Accelerator programs in various countries through immersive and locally-tailored training. This program provides 1:1 mentorship from Facebook employees and training on Facebook’s approach to products and businesses. They also get access to a global network of startup peers, successful founders and industry experts.

This year Facebook announces specifically – two programs – Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity and Facebook Accelerator: Commerce. These programs will focus on product themes and exploration of collaborative partnerships to provide even more value for startups.

Facebook’s Commerce Accelerator will select 60 startups from EMEA and LATAM regions for the program. The startups that are a part of this program will explore building shopping solutions to drive commerce inside Facebook’s family of Apps. Recently it conducted a survey in partnership with OECD and World Bank and found that at least a third of small to medium-sized businesses on Facebook reported 25% or more of their total sales are made digitally.

Facebook’s other accelerator program called Connectivity features around 30 startups from the LATAM and North America regions. These startups will develop affordable connectivity solutions that make internet access available in more places. This accelerator program will offer local development opportunities to entrepreneurs. Till date, Facebook has launched the accelerator program in 11 countries till date.

Startups interested in the accelerator program can submit their applications to Facebook.

Facebook firmly believes that by training and growing entrepreneurs they can empower people to build products that billions of people can benefit from.

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