Google Update Google Announces the Integration of Search Console & Analytics Data Into One Report By Elinsys, 01st Jul 2020

Google has announced that it is working on integrating the data from Search Console and Analytics into one and that the report will be accessible from either service. Google has already started sending emails to site owners about this upcoming trial integration. This feature allows you to export data from Analytics and a linked Search Console property. The email also states which property can be used in the trial experience. The complete report will be available in a few weeks time and all website owners will be notified of the change. The announcement also says that if any site owners want to opt out of the trial, they can simply unlink their Search Console and Google Analytics properties. The email also points to the page where users can link/unlink their integrations between Search Console and Google Analytics.

So, why would website owners want to view an integrated report rather than viewing both the sets of data separately?

  • Convenience: with this integration, you can view both side by side and it will be easier to identify the correlations which you might have missed otherwise.
  • Google Analytics tracks the user activity on a website and Search Console tracks user activity in SERPs, so the potential of this integration is immense.
  • You can quickly determine the impact of something that you added to your website on the search results. For example, if you added a schema, you can check whether it had a measurable impact on the traffic.
  • You can identify which pages saw a surge in traffic and which keywords showed up in search results in that time. You can identify which keywords are driving traffic to which pages.

The Google Search Console and Google Analytics integrated reports are still in the trial phase and there are a lot of things that remain to be uncovered. There are a lot of assumptions at this point and we will know the exact details of this feature only when it is officially rolled out by Google. Until then, if you have received the email, it’s worth a try!

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