Google Update Google on Improving Core Web Vitals Score for Better User Experience By Elinsys, 11th Mar 2021

Core web vitals are a set of page experience metrics that will become ranking factors this year. There are two kinds of Core Web Vitals scores – the Field Metrics and Lab Measurements.

  • Field metrics are actual scores derived from visitors to a site.
  • Lab data are those scores that are generated from simulated visit through various tools offered by Google.

Lab measurements give publishers and SEOs a way to test and diagnose site performance in order to identify areas of improvement. Field metrics provide actual real-world feedback. Google uses the field metrics in order to generate a score that is ultimately used for ranking purposes.

Manipulating Core Web Vitals Scores

This poses a problem when there are a few users who are on a slow internet connection. If Google uses real-world data, then it’s possible that the Core Web Vitals scores will be impacted and consequently the website rankings. Some countries have slow internet connections. So, users from those countries will adversely impact the final scores for the website. But, blocking users will just cause them to use a VPN to access your website. That could be an even bigger problem. Further, focusing on one ranking factor element may negatively impact other more important factors.

Core Web Vitals and Page Experience are important ranking factors, but not the most important. There are a number of ranking factors – speed is only one of them.

On the other hand, it’s important to note that Core Web Vitals are important, regardless of whether there’s a ranking factor benefit or not. That’s what SEOs need to understand. Getting the core web vitals right and enhancing user experience ultimately helps your business and drives more clicks and conversions.

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