Tech Update Google Search Launches New Look for Mobile Search Results Interface By Elinsys, 05th Feb 2021

Google Search launches new look for mobile search results interface

Google announced that it is rolling out a new design for the mobile search results. The updated interface is designed to make the search interface much more easier to read. It provides cleaner and more modern interface and modern experience for users. The new look has already begun rolling out and will continue to do so over the coming days.

What exactly has changed?

Google has updated the fonts, shapes and colours of the mobile search experience. The looks for the knowledge panels and the main search result snippets have been updated.

Google has been testing these changes and the new design layouts for several months and many of these tests were carried out in October 2020 and continued until December 2020. Some of the reasons for making these changes were:

  • It made search results easy to read. Google made sections and labels larger and clearer to help you find what you are looking for – faster.
  • Simple designs. To make the designs clearer, improvements have been made to the sections and results in card designs to create more white space so that you can focus on the content that matters.
  • Modern experience: A fresh new look was designed that is more simple, friendly and approachable.

Google wanted to simplify the results and enable people to look for what they were searching for – faster and more easily. The change is refreshing.

With any design change to the Google search results, there may be changes to searcher behaviour. You may notice changes in the clicks and traffic from Google mobile search to your site.

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