Tech Update Yelp launches community feedback feature for ‘health and safety measures’ By Elinsys, 04th Feb 2021

Yelp launches community feedback feature for ‘health and safety measures’

Yelp announced the launch of a new rating feature where the community can leave a feedback on the local business social distancing and mask compliance. Health and safety have become the prime factors of concern ever since the onset of the pandemic. Even though businesses opened up, they are expected to comply with the safety norms. Yelp has been crucial for small businesses and large and the ratings received on Yelp matter.

Community members can now vouch that businesses are enforcing social distancing and maintaining compliance around COVID pandemic precautions. As the situation continues to proceed and there are still unknown parameters around the way it will end, local businesses and SMBs still need to keep up, it is important that they communicate to their customers that their business is operational and is taking appropriate measures to keep their employees safe. This health and safety rating feature on Yelp will give these business an opportunity to inform the community about their business.

Community ratings of COVID safety compliance

With the pandemic forcing local and in-person businesses to adjust the ways they serve customers, Yelp developed a COVID 19 section to enable businesses to update their service offerings like delivery, virtual consultations and outdoor seating. Today, customers can rate the companies and give their feedback whether these businesses are adhering to the pandemic precautions. This feature is similar to how users can provide Yelp feedback on whether a business is kid-friendly or great for groups.

Multiple users must leave feedback

The ratings for COVID safety precautions only show if there is a consensus among the users who rate a business. Further Yelp users need to be logged in to mark whether the business is following safety measures or not. If the business has multiple locations, the rating will only show for the location where the customer is when leaving the feedback.

Along with the user feedback, Yelp also launched a few more new features for businesses:

  • Heated outdoor seating
  • 1:1 sessions available
  • Disposable contactless menu

More and more businesses are updating their profiles and taking advantage of the new features offered by Yelp.


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