Tech Update Trends & Technology Just Launched – Bing’s new URL Inspection tool By Elinsys, 04th Aug 2020

Bing launched its latest Webmaster Tools on Thursday along with a brand new URL inspection tool. The new Bing URL inspection tools allows users to inspect the Bing indexed version of your URLs and detect potential indexing issues related to crawling or any other issues related to the Bing Webmaster guidelines. Google had made modifications and launched its URL inspection tool almost two years ago – in 2018. So, how do the two compare?

  • Both Google and Bing’s URL inspection tools are similar in many ways. They help detect potential URL indexing issues.
  • Each show how the URL fairs in their respective search engines, so it’s a good idea to use both.
  • You can enter a URL and compare the indexed version of the URL and run a live test to see changes that you have made.
  • It shows you any SEO issues or improvements that you can make.
  • Both tools allow you to request indexing.
  • Google’s URL inspection tool however, highlights AMP and Bing’s tool does not.
  • Bing shows you the first date that the URL was indexed on  – Google does not.
  • Google shows how the URL was discovered – either by XML sitemap file or a referring page. Bing does not show these details.
  • Google also shows the user agent that crawled the page – like either a smartphone or a desktop – while Bing does not.
  • Both the tools show you if the page was allowed to be crawled.
  • They show whether   it was fetched successfully and indexing was allowed.
  • Both show the canonical URL. Google shows the Google selected canonical URL versus the user-declare done.
  • For both the tools, when they show any issues, you can click on them check out the documentation on how to fix those issues.

If you are having issues with URLs and wish to see the easiest way to fix it, use the URL inspection tool – from both – Google and Bing!

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