Tech Update Microsoft’s Partnership with Facebook Gaming By Elinsys, 15th Jul 2020

Microsoft announced that it was partnering with Facebook Gaming – which could potentially mean big things for Xbox VR support via Facebook’s Oculus? Microsoft also announced that it was shutting down the Mixer streaming platform. Let’s understand what exactly happened in the past four years and the progress on this so far.

Microsoft’s history with Xbox

During the E3 2016 presentation, Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that Project Scorpio, which later was named as Xbox One X said that the console would provide a true 4K gaming and high-fidelity VR. It will provide true 4K visuals without sacrificing quality and get premier VR experiences without sacrificing performance. The plan was to get stable console VR and Microsoft’s own Mixed Reality content getting brought over to Xbox VR. Spencer also reconfirmed that the VR support was coming to Xbox in 2017. The VR promises however did not materialize soon. In November 2019 however, there were talks about VR being too isolating and that the customers aren’t ready for such solutions.

Now, let’s talk about Microsoft’s partnership with Facebook Gaming

That was about the past few years – now let’s get back to the present. Earlier this week Microsoft announced the decision to shut down its live streaming platform – mixer. Mixer was essentially a direct competitor to Twitch that featured live streaming channels and internet personalities playing a wide variety of video games. But now, Microsoft will partner with Facebook Gaming, a hybrid brand that encompasses not only live streaming and traditional video games, but also mobile focused casual games. These games can be played within Facebook messenger – either with friends or in the mobile app itself. Microsoft also plans to bolster Project xCloud which is its cloud based game streaming service that is like Google Stadia and PS Now. Two of the largest tech companies coming together – there’s something exciting coming up – definitely!

When Facebook bought Oculus, it wasn’t out yet. The original Rift launched without any motion controls. It only tracked the headset and used a single camera. But now, with this partnership the product will evolve and the best is yet to be seen.

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