Android-iOS Web Development New Video-Conferencing App for Government and Courts By Elinsys, 23rd Jun 2020

In line with the push towards self reliance, Indians can now go vocal with the local version of ZOOM. The Centre for Development Telematics (C-DOT) is developing a video conferencing app that can be used by the government and courts. One version of this app will also be made publicly available. Recently, India also launched Samvaad – a domestic version of WhatsApp and Aarogya Setu – an app that helps track the spread of Covid-19.

What’s the app all about?

With the nationwide lockdown that was initiated in March 2020, there was a need for an indigenous platform for collaboration and communication. C-DOT’s video conferencing app expands on the features provided by ZOOM and Microsoft Teams. It is ready for deployment and will soon be available for use. It is said that the app will be hosted on a government server that will allude concerns for cyber-snooping. The government held an official hackathon to select the company that will be responsible to develop the VC platform. With this platform, users can conduct video meetings easily, safely and securely. Apart from the host, the moderator and the participants, the platform also has a waiting room where those wanting to join the meeting can wait until they are let in by the moderator. Screen sharing can also be done and users can share their screens to share presentations with others in the meetings. The WhatsApp alternative – Samvaad will also be available in two versions – one for the public and the other with greater security features that will be used for high level government communications.

The right move in the right direction

This is the move in the right direction. Looking at the bigger picture, when the world establishes a new normal, remote working will be the new operating normal and video conferencing will be the norm for meetings and communication among the team members. It enables the teams to work from anywhere and anytime. This will enable businesses to optimize their attendance too. It cuts down on the travel time. The entire meeting can be recorded for future reference.

Video conferencing is no longer viewed as an option for geographically diverse businesses. It has become a necessity for all businesses – even those with a highly local presence. It adds value to business operations and is an essential part of the newly established normal in the business world.

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