Android-iOS On-demand Beauty Apps and How they will Transform the way Salons Work By Elinsys, 12th Jun 2020

Like always, the internet and smartphones make our lives easier. The new way of life, the newly established normal after the effects of the pandemic have been normalized, will definitely find a dependency on these two things: the internet and smartphones. Lifestyles will have changed beyond imagination and customer behavior will have transformed. But, people will still need salons, and other beauty services. Getting appointments for salons and even physical visits to a salon would be quite a task. On-Demand beauty app could turn the tables for ever. After all technology is meant to make our lives easy!

Why on-demand beauty app?

The entire business model is based on delivering beauty services to the doorstep of customers. Beauticians too get a means to reach out to customers in a convenient manner. On Demand Beauty Apps offer a sustainable business model to this industry.

The beauty industry is growing at the rate of 5%. According to research, $3756 are spend every year by females – in salons for beauty services. With a huge demand for online platforms the shift from a personal visit to a salon to simply ‘order’ services online is becoming an inevitable aspect of life. Further, according to Forbes, 28% of the stylists, cosmetologists and hairdressers are working as independent contractors.

Types of on demand beauty applications

Dedicated Beauty App

A dedicated beauty app is created for a specific salon or spa bearing in mind the services they provide. This can be uniquely branded according to the requirements of the salon. The payment, the timings and the products can be tailored according to what the salon offers. The regular customers and the offers and discounts can be configured in the app and business can run more efficiently and customers get more convenience.

 Aggregator model

With the aggregator model, the app brings together, salons, contract beauticians, cosmetologists and hairdressers on one platform that is made available to customers who can pick and choose the salon or beautician whose services they would like to avail. With the aggregator model customers get to compare services, compare prices and share reviews after they have availed services. It is a complete platform with a community of beauticians providing doorstep services.

Technology is getting smart and so is the services industry. With mobile apps taking over most of the tasks – on demand services will definitely be the future of the beauty industry.

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