Android-iOS On Demand Doctors Consultation Apps – better than rushing to the clinic every time By Elinsys, 15th Jun 2020

Patient centric healthcare apps are gaining momentum. On demand doctors consultation apps and wellness management apps are being downloaded more than ever before. These apps provide access to health records, medical history, previous consultation details and other health data to enable doctors and care takers to better manage patient ailments. These apps are also dedicatedly used in hospitals and clinics to collect patient data all in one place. The surge in demand for healthcare apps is due to the increase in the demand for personalized care across all regions. Technology has always been a catalyst and an enabler when there is a need to simplify healthcare and medicine. Well, the rise in the usage of health and fitness apps has given way to the rise in doctor’s consultation apps too. More and more people are aware of their daily health routines – steps trackers, nutrition trackers and diet planners all these apps make people more aware of their current health status. A health-aware and health-conscious population also expects being able to talk to a doctor if they find it necessary. Well, when there are ailments and diseases to be cured – rushing to the doctor’s clinic or the hospital is the only option. But, regular checkups and consultation can be done in a contactless manner. This is what the on demand doctor’s consultation app establishes.

The smartphone apps technology and the wearable patient centric devices is the fastest growing segment in the current situation. Some of the most common patient centric apps are Fitness, Diet and Nutrition, Lifestyle and Stress, Disease and Treatment management, Medicine Reminders, Women’s Health and Pregnancy and Disease Specific apps.

Well, iOS seems to be the most preferred mobile operating system for the usage of these apps – although the apps in the Android segment are fast growing.

Patients value quick and convenient services. Instead of rushing to the doctor’s office each time they have a fever or catch a cold, they now a days prefer quick consultations and simpler ways of reaching out to the doctors. Digital ways of communication help both patients and doctors keep a record of their findings and previous communication is all in one place.

With the lockdown in place, the world will see more and more of such apps where clinics, hospitals and doctors can communicate with their patients and get quick, convenient and easy services for healthcare.

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