Android-iOS On-demand Fitness Apps on the rise due to Lockdown By Elinsys, 09th Jun 2020

Owing to the growing penetration of smartphones and the emergence of advanced technologies in the healthcare sector, there is a rise in demand for fitness apps too. The On-Demand fitness apps market is forecast to reach $14.64 billion by 2027. Digital health monitoring is now a successful business model and attracts several users to use the app too.

The fitness apps market is driven by consumer demand to manage their own health and have access to necessary information whenever they need it. These apps are being developed and adopted by the healthcare industry rapidly. Further, the startup market is also flooding with investment in fitness apps. New entrepreneurs are coming up with ways to create innovative apps and this has augmented the healthcare market. It is reported that a total of USD 7.5 billion was invested in various startups that are attempting to digitize various healthcare processes.

It is also to be noted that users get used to a particular healthcare app and they rarely change the apps if they get comfortable using one. Almost 96% of the users stick to one app once they have used it.

Fitness apps and COVID-19 – here are a few more findings:

  • The usage of fitness apps has increased in remote areas where access to hospitals is not so easy.
  • These apps are not only for general users it is also for the healthcare industry so that they can offer value based, patient centric healthcare that will drive outcomes and provide better results by giving ready access to health information for the patients.
  • As android devices hold the larger market share, health and fitness apps are more likely to be used on these systems and will impact the app ecosystem.
  • Smart wearables will soon follow. As of today, wearable devices are forecasted to grow with a CAGR of 23.2% during the forecast period.
  • There are growing investments by European companies in developing prototypes solutions and systems in the areas of fitness apps. With increased potential to tap into high volume markets.
  • With the rise in coronavirus cases on a daily basis, gyms, fitness classes and a number of healthcare consultations are going online. Zoom is currently the means of making this possible. At some stage there will be an app for every healthcare and fitness service!

Some of the key participants in this area include Appster, Adidas, Asics America Corporation, Fitbit, Inc., Azumio, Inc., Fitnesskeeper, Google, Fooducate, Kayla Itsines, and Nike, among others. Fitness is in demand and on-demand apps customized to your fitness requirements can be created by technology experts. It will be the future of the healthcare market and offer both ease and convenience to both customers and healthcare staff.

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