Android-iOS On demand Furniture Delivery App helps set up Home Offices in times of Crisis By Elinsys, 17th Jun 2020

While the pandemic had put everything on pause, the world is now opening up to a fresh start – with new rules to operate and new precautions to take. The furniture – home furnishing and office furnishing businesses have seen new requests for delivery. There were 300% increase in the orders for home office furnishing. Accessories like pillows, rugs, bowls and other decorative pieces were also on the rise – upto 40%.

Now that the world is slowly recovering and businesses are beginning to recover too, the ecommerce furniture sales are rising. This is because people are now adjusting to the new normal. Businesses are restructuring the way their offices operate. The office furniture needs to follow the social distancing guidelines. Many offices are re-doing their offices.

Furniture delivery app – on demand

The surge in demand of furniture both – office and home has given rise to the mobile apps that help deliver this furniture from various vendors to their destination.

This app offers users and businesses with unique benefits:

  • Users can select the furniture they want for their offices and homes or home offices.
  • They get a list of vendors to select from
  • Users can select the furniture they require according to price and budget.
  • The furniture can be delivered to their destination
  • The Vendors can accept the request depending on the availability
  • The app enables businesses to streamline operations and ensure that their delivery requests are promptly serviced.
  • The payments are via the app – in support of a contactless world.

Ever since the pandemic, many industries took a toll. The furniture and office furnishing businesses saw the impact too. But, having on demand apps for delivery of furniture to the customers door step has created a new opportunity for businesses and provided great convenience to customers who seek to set up new home offices  as well as those who which to re-decorate their offices with the new norms and guidelines.

It all happens within a few taps and swipes – on demand!

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