Android-iOS On Demand Grocery App – is growing in demand By Elinsys, 05th Jun 2020

Ever since the lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19, online grocers are on the rise. The number of daily deliveries has nearly doubled. As customers hit the internet to buy essentials, the demand for grocery deliveries has elevated. This surge is despite the lockdown and people being restricted and confined to their homes.

And despite the supply and labour shortage, BigBasket and Grofers has been able to deliver 283,000 orders a day are being met, up from 150,000 before the shutdown, while Grofers said it was servicing 190,000 daily orders against 100,000 before the crisis.

This is why on-demand apps for grocery are gaining more and more importance. Local grocery stores too can now get online easily with an on demand grocery app.

Here are a few benefits that on-demand grocery apps offer:

Easy to build: These apps are easy to build and customize. Any mobile application firm can easily develop an on demand app for you with features to get online quickly. Customizations as per your business and your target market demands are easy to implement too.

Product listing: These apps have features to quickly get you online. You can simply upload photos and prices for your products and start selling.

Customers: being a local business, there isn’t a struggle to acquire customers too. All you need to do is notify your existing and regular customers about the way in which they can still order their essential groceries and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Saves time and money: An on demand grocery delivery app not only saves time for you, but also saves time for your customers. You can package all the deliveries and send them out.

As contact-less as possible: In a world where contact is feared more than anything, on-demand grocery delivery ensures that your products are handled by you only. Since no one enters your store, not many people will actually touch the products you are selling.

The teething troubles of the #COVID-19 are possibly vanning, but the demand for on demand apps for grocery delivery will keep rising as businesses slowly adjust their processes to a new normal way of operating. People who have been expecting doorstep grocery deliveries will continue to do so – at least majority of them will get used to the convenience and the saved trip to the store!

Even flipkart and Amazon have muscled their way into the grocery delivery stream. With the established new normal, online grocery delivery will still be a flourishing business.

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