Android-iOS Web Development On-Demand Home Services App – the Future of the Handyman! By Elinsys, 16th Jun 2020

While we think that we’ve got everything figured out, there comes a time when a faucet gives up and there’s water all over the kitchen floor or an electric appliance simply does not start when you push the on button. Flipping through the local advertisements for a handyman or a plumber is quite a task. Further finding someone reliable is even more difficult. This is exactly where home services app comes in handy. An on demand home services app does exactly this. It lists all the doorstep handy services that our community requires on demand basis.

Is there a demand for an on demand home services app?

It is forecasted that online home services app market will reach 1574 Bn. USD by 2024. This app market continues to grow in popularity and the requests for home cleaning, deep cleaning, carpenters, plumbers, painters, tutors and electricians have grown exponentially. Especially when lives get busy and there is a struggle to keep up with time, the ordinary people do not have the luxury of time to indulge in DIY fixes. Professional help in fixing things around the house is inevitable.

Aggregator model is successful

Home services mobile app usually works on the aggregator model. Many providers and contractors are registered to one platform and customers can pick and choose the one that they prefer and which is closest to their location. It gives customers the advantage of not having to run helter skelter when something goes wrong. They have a list of providers who can instantly fix things – at their fingertips!

Further, customers get the advantage of comparing services, offerings and prices. They get all the information they would require to take a quick decision – all in one place.

When it comes to keeping up with the world, today’s challenges are quite different. The world has seen tables being turned. The world has seen everything change overnight. The world now needs to make amendments and change the way everything works. People prefer the online world to the physical world. People are happy that smartphones have so much to offer. People love the fact that there are contactless ways of doing things. That technology has the power to keep things running with proper precautions. On demand apps will be the new normal for many businesses. The home services industry has already started leveraging these to their benefit. Others will follow soon!

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