Android-iOS Trends & Technology On Demand Moving and Furniture Delivery App By Elinsys, 19th Jun 2020

Packing and moving is never easy – but it’s something that is inevitable at some point of time. There are so many things to take care of. It’s not just about stuffing things in boxes and loading it in a truck. It’s about categorizing breakable, unbreakable and making sure everything reaches the destination without damage. It’s easy to get unorganized and messy. This is why packers and movers have been in demand. They pack your stuff and move it to the destination without damage.

On Demand Apps for movers?

Packers and movers have been operating since decades – successfully – why then the need for a mobile app for the same purpose? On demand apps for packers and movers has become essential – especially because it helps them plan and make use of their available resources more efficiently. Mobile apps enable users to contact their desired packers and movers and get the task done with great ease.

Further, users can see the service providers the available providers and compare services, pick the ones with the rates that match their budget. For example, there are specialists for office furniture shifting, factory relocation, warehouse shifting and personal home moving. These services require specialized equipment to move the heavy factory machinery or warehouse stock. Selecting the right service provider is essential.

Benefits of on-demand app for furniture and moving

  • Customers can request a service based on their requirements
  • Users can sort the service providers by the area and location they operate.
  • Users can select the services by budget
  • The app also provides reviews for users to enable users to make the right choice.
  • The calendar feature allows users to choose the date of availability of service.
  • The service provider can accept or reject the request depending on their availability and resources.

With a mobile app, it’s easy to track the progress of the delivery too. Real time tracking will help estimate the time require to complete the task too. It helps in better planning of the move.

Well, with a mobile app for packers and movers, it is easy to get things done – within a few taps and swipes on the screen of your phone!

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