Android-iOS On-Demand Pharmacy Apps By Elinsys, 04th Jun 2020

While the brick and mortar pharmacies continue to function because they are essential items – during lockdown, it has been noted that many customers have moved to online ordering of medicines for fear of getting infected. The demand for the overall medicine category has gone up almost 100%. The surge in the sale of medicines has forced pharmacies to adapt and think of new avenues to reach out to their customers who are locked in and cannot go out.

Despite all the challenges that the lockdown brings, e-pharmacies have been operating successfully with least manpower. Many pharmacies have opted for on demand apps that can be customized to suit their business and their particular pharmacy requirements.

Why do we need on demand apps for pharmacies?

Medicines are an essential requirement. Patients hate to wait in queue at the pharmacy to get their medicines. It’s all the more frustrating to wait for that long just to realize that the medicine you require is not in stock. Further, for pharmacy stores, rather than waiting on each customer and instantly processing their orders, they get enough time to gather each order and streamline the delivery process – with the least amount of human contact which has become an essential component of this new contactless world.

Let’s take a look at how pharmacies can benefit from an on demand pharmacy app

It’s convenient

No more standing in long queues at the pharmacy to get your medicines. Customers can directly place their orders via a mobile app within a few taps and swipes.

24*7 Open

Apart from a few, many pharmacies will not be open 24*7. With a mobile app, customers can place their orders anytime and businesses can process these orders on demand basis.

Out of stock

Visiting a store does not guarantee you availability of medicines. With a mobile app, customers can understand in advance whether the medicine they request is in stock or not. The on demand pharmacy app can save customers a lot of time and intimate businesses of the demand of a particular medicine which is out of stock too.

During times of no-contact and lockdown, on-demand apps are in demand. It’s a brilliant opportunity for pharmacies to prepare their business for the future – the new normal or the new abnormal that the world will experience post the COVID-19 crisis.

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