Trends & Technology Pinterest Now Includes Product Ratings, “Best Seller” Labels, More By Elinsys, 02nd Sep 2020

Pinterest has been working on a number of product features, making it easy for online sellers to capture more and more audience. Pinterest has now announced that it is experimenting with adding information to the Product Pins and the company detailed updates to Pinterest’s Shopping Spotlights.

Shopping spotlights were introduced back in May 2020. They allowed users access to recommendations from experts for fashion and home tastemakers and publishers. The company also introduced a host of shopping tools including the shop tab in the Pinterest search. In April it also included more products being eligible for shoppable Product Pins. Shopping Spotlights allows users to shop for cent trends like tie dye and terracotta home accents.

Currently, Pinterest is testing new Best Seller and Popular Labels on Product Pins. This will allow users to see which products are trending based on what other pinners have been purchasing. The platform also enables you to place original prices on the Product Pins, so that customers know when they have a good deal on a purchase. The company is also testing the addition of product ratings and shipping information side by side. This greatly helps in customer purchase decisions. Aggregated product ratings however will come from retailer sites.

Lastly, the company has also updated the Shoppinig Spotlights section and more editorial options have been added. You can now add detailed articles so that customers can organize stories to get their products more traction. It’s a good point in time, as schools are slowly starting up after the lockdown and users can purchase the back to school products. Pinterest has back to school products for kids, teens and college students.

Pinterest has been working on a number of features where online ecommerce features can be more delightful for customers and the brands they interact with on a daily basis. Brands get opportunities to present customers with greater options while making a purchase. Overall interaction of businesses and brands will improve.

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