Trends & Technology Twitter Tweets – can now be scheduled By Elinsys, 30th May 2020

Twitter now allows users to schedule tweets. This can be a real game changer. For those twitter users who would love to give their audience a continuous stream of content can now do so without having to manually send it at odd times of the day. This also makes it easy for Social Media Marketers to plan ahead and create their calendars without worrying each day whether the post has been done. It’s very easy to forget one post and then the whole schedule goes for a toss. Coming up with a new post on the spot is also not an easy task. Scheduling posts will give marketers enough time to plan and target the messaging.

Here’s how to schedule tweets on Twitter

  1. Use the Twitter – tweet composer tool.
  2. Click on ‘New Tweet’ button on the tweets manager within the creative tab
  3. In the tweet box, craft your tweet – include any image, location tag, card or hot takes
  4. Select if your tweet should be promoted only. Doing this will go to the Promoted Tweet Campaign.
  5. Select dropdown arrow next to the Tweet button and then select Schedule.
  6. You however have an option to post it immediately – schedule or save draft.
  7. If you select schedule, you will be asked a publishing date and time. The time range is at least one year in advance
  8. Once you select the date and time, select Schedule.

This will schedule the post on Twitter! Well Facebook already has a scheduler for posts – it’s a good thing other social media platforms are including this feature too. Instagram however has third party schedulers that work.

Scheduling posts will definitely make the job of the marketer easier and you no longer have to remember to post everyday – schedule once and be worry free!

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