Google Update Trends & Technology Web Stories are now on Google Discover By Elinsys, 09th Oct 2020

Google announced that they are bringing Web Stories to Google Discover. The stories carousel will be available in the United States, India and Brazil at the top of Discover and helps find the best visual content from around the web. In the future, Google intends to expand the web stories to more countries and more Google products.

Browsing Web Stories

Google has made browsing Web Stories an immersive experience for users. With simplicity at its core, these stories open full screen when tapped on. Users can tap to move to the next page and swipe to get to the next story.

Google also said that in addition to Discover, they will continue to surface more Web Stories across Google Search results globally on mobile.

Made for the web

Web stories are completely under the publisher’s control – just like any other content on your website. Story authors retain control on monetization, hosting, sharing and adding links to their stories. Because Web Stories are just an extension of a website, some website owners are showcasing their stories on their homepage too – along with social media channels, newsletters and more.

How do I get started?

Whether you are an individual creator or a publisher, you can create Web Stories. In fact more than 2000 websites have already published web stories that have been indexed by Google. Website owners can use drag and drop tools like Web Story Editor for WordPress, Newsroom AI and MakeStories to create stories in minutes. Developers who need to code it themselves can do so for their websites.

Web Stories are a great way to attract attention and drive traffic to your website. It’s a good idea to explore how Web Stories into your content creation workflow and track how well they perform for your website.

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