Trends & Technology What’s new with LinkedIn Pages By Elinsys, 02nd Jun 2020

One of the biggest adjustments that businesses had to make to adjust to the new normal is the way businesses bring professional community together. LinkedIn has always been a platform that brings together the professional community by providing resources and tools that businesses need to stay productive and connected. LinkedIn has announced several major updates in this Quarter’s LinkedIn Pages. These features are specially designed to help you connect with the community with virtual events, share important updates etc.

LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events

Different events have different objectives. Some events are to build awareness and some for building new audience. Some events are solutions for the professional community to come together. LinkedIn Live is one such solution that helps organizations to drive reach and awareness. LinkedIn Events helps strengthen relationships with target audience. LinkedIn has now brought a tighter integration of LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live – these two products are virtual and enables businesses to stay connected to their communities as well as meet customers anywhere – wherever they are.

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s offered:

  • To host events safely in a trusted environment using LinkedIn Live and live stream to your page followers by using easy to use 3rd party broadcasting partners like Restreams, Wirecast etc.
  • To attract the right audience is now easy as you can send direct invitations to your first degree profile connections.
  • To drive buzz and engagement by hosting an event or live broadcast on your page.

LinkedIn, in this quarter has included several ways to communicate and contribute to society and community. One more example is a custom announcement banner that allows you to post critical updates instantly. There are also volunteer call to action buttons that can help non-profits.

LinkedIn keeps improvising and especially during these times of crisis, there seems to be a lot

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