Tech Update WhatsApp’s New Update includes 8 users in Audio and Video Calls By Elinsys, 13th May 2020

WhatsApp has been working on a lot of new features. Especially during these times when remote working and collaboration has gained so much importance and social distancing has become the new normal, WhatsApp has stepped in to make communications easy. It’s not only about businesses being able to communicate with teams – WhatsApp messenger is becoming the new social ‘gathering’ place for families too.

Inspired by the incredible growth of video calling apps, WhatsApp has introduced features that allow 4 – 8. It is known that Apple’s FaceTime App supports 32 people in a call and Facebook Messenger supports up to 50 people in a call. The feature is available for those who have the latest versions of iOS and Android Beta update installed. For this feature to work, one needs to install the iOS beta update and the 2.20.133 beta from the Google Play store. It’s important to note that other participants can join only if they have the same versions installed.

For businesses, it’s a good thing to have quick conversations which do not require fancy setups and file sharing. Teams can communicate with great ease and pass on messages – real time. It adds to the overall efficiency of the remote working environment. It’s as simple as adding a call in a conference.

For non-business use, it is simply this best feature presented since a long time. When everything is locked down and visiting cousins and hanging out with friends is no longer a normal thing to do, WhatsApp introduced the most apt place for friends and family to enjoy and have a good time. It eases being locked down!

WhatsApp has been the most popular messaging platform and now it is poised to be the most liked video calling platform that allows people to talk freely on a video call for as much time as they wish!

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