Tech Update Trends & Technology YouTube Announces the Launch of YouTube Select – a new advertising program By Elinsys, 22nd May 2020

With YouTube Select, brand advertisers will be able to target TV screen viewing.

On May 19, 2020, YouTube announced a new global content solution called the YouTube Select.

YouTube select is essentially a re-imagination and unification of solutions like Google Preferred and prime packs. It offers more flexibility to reach the audience in the places that they are most likely to be.

Google Preferred allowed advertisers to select markets and target the first 5% of video content in certain categories.

YouTube Select is a diverse mix of content packages called lineups. Each lineup is tailored globally and locally for relevant needs like beauty, fashion, entertainment, technology and sports etc. Emerging lineups is designed to offer expanded reach and features content in upcoming or niche channels. YouTube has the most extensive video library. Advertisers can customize the right YouTube plan for their needs.  

YouTube on the biggest screen in your home

People are turning to YouTube on the biggest screen in their houses – the Television. This shift in viewing behavior means that lineups contain more TV screen inventory than ever before. The streaming TV lineup from YouTube will include YouTube Originals, Live Sports, Movies, News and other content from popular creators. Brand Lift measurement on TV screens will be available globally.

Ad buying options will also be available and will vary by region. Advertisers will be able to buy into the YouTube Select lineups via Google Ads, Display & Video 360. This will include most countries including Europe and Asia-Pacific.

YouTube Select offers you diverse ways to connect with your audience and stay engaged. Most importantly, it will help you drive results for your business.

Most importantly, businesses must check out how this platform can be leveraged for their marketing efforts and how to make the most of it. 

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